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The midweek crowd at Ala Moana Bowls on the south shore of Oahu was light despite the dreamy shoulder-high left-handers consistently peeling along the reef. But even with plenty of waves to go around, the small local crew fell into an exclusive rotation, taking turns picking off the best set waves while outsiders were mostly left with scraps.

I couldn’t have cared less about being relegated to second-tier waves; after all, as a

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Surfboard design is shit science. Always has been. Sure, there are myriad ways a shaper can alter a blank to intentionally affect the way a finished board rides, but it’s a game of trial and error, eyeballing and improvising, infinite variables and b
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A wave of anxiety washed over me as I boarded the plane and took in my surroundings. When I first learned how to get to the undisclosed wave I was en route to, I was told that as recently as last year, flights to the area had as few as 10 passengers.
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Clockwise from top left, the drugs ingested during the creation of these covers were peyote, marijuana, DMT, LSD, magic mushrooms, Quaaludes and, oddly enough, over-the-counter allergy medication (crazy, right?). The counterculture aesthetics of the