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The luxury of a separate jacket for off-duty wear was a sign of affluence and sophistication.

One of the few compensations for the end of summer is the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our winter wardrobes. Despite the industry trying to sell us the benefit of perennial suiting, the sophisticated dresser will always have a good amount of seasonal clothing to call upon. For the cooler months, this should include a healthy amount of flannel and tweed.

Tweed is a wonderful fabric that allows even the most conservative gentleman to have a little colour in their clothing. The home of tweed is Scotland, and the name itself derives from a misreading of the word ‘tweel’ (the Gaelic word for has collaborated with Harris Tweed Hebrides on an exclusive dark green windowpane cloth that is inspired by the Hebridean landscape. Walker Slater, an Edinburgh-based contemporary tweed specialist, has used the cloth for a sports jacket, which will be available from September.

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