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Since September 2016, Stefano Gaudioso Tramonte has played a crucial role at the helm of Corneliani. That said, he hasn’t had his hands on the tiller in the way one might assume. He’s not the creative director or the art director, nor is he the managing director or even the C.E.O. Instead, he resides as the Italian heritage brand’s Style Director, though his position goes far beyond shaping the house style. It’s an unusual role in the sense that it places heavy demands on both sides of his brain. For many of us, the ability to utilise both sides — the creative and the analytical — and perform at a high level is a function that’s simply not possible. Still, Tramonte’s new role is providing dividends, and it could become the blueprint for other luxury houses to copy.

The last few seasons at Corneliani have brought significant yet cautious changes, to critical acclaim.

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