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here are now packs of Goldendoodles, Yorkiepoos, Cockapoos, Schnoodles and Puggles roaming the developed world’s parks and greens. Indeed, my owner spoke the other day of a Bullshihtzer she had met at a Malibu beach party. But us Labradoodles were the first dog breed to be

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In Slickness And In Health
by tom chamberlin photography jules langeard If you have picked up this issue of The Rake on the day it comes out, may I firstly congratulate you on your eagerness and dedication to the rakish cause. More importantly, though, this issue is published
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Bright Lights, Big City: Huntsman And The Rake’s New York City-inspired Capsule Collection
by wei koh photography james munro fashion direction ben st. george Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl hits you like a concussive hollow-point double-tap to the soul. This is his paean and plea, his discourse and dogma cry out for insurrection and revolution
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‘There Is A Wit To Englishness… I Want That To Come Through In Our Personality’
by tom chamberlin photography kim lang Too often these days, British brands talk to me in the tone of the besieged. There is always an issue beyond their control — rent, supply, etc — that requires a reconsideration of strategy and redirection of inv