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Limitation is a damnable thing. We Homo sapiens are adventurers by nature and instinctively try to discover the new or adapt the old. This psychological restlessness is evident in the clothes we wear as much as in the speed we run the 100 metres, or the various means by which people have reached the North Pole. Though you wouldn’t know it from my wardrobe, which is accused of being somewhat antediluvian, I understand the relevance of adapting the traditional suit to conform to contemporary needs. While the tailors I have used in the past embody the pinnacle of excellence, the clothes I have used to work with them, through no fault of their own, are not appropriate for everyday wear.

So the time has come to fill that particular void, and there is one tailoring house in mind that has adroitly taken the genre, with its traditional techniques and oodles of history, and made it relevant for a younger, on-the-go

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