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O.K., so maybe margarita hour in some subterranean Midtown hell-hole — seats held together by duct tape, muted Yankees game on a vintage valve T.V. in the corner, the sound of pinball flippers and bells mingling with some crackling gospel dirge from the jukebox — isn’t the

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The Rake2 min read
The Prom King Pooch
by georg as told to nick scott Goulash, embroidery, paprika, thermal baths, non- Euclidean geometry: it’s not exactly a collection to have thrill-seeking tourists boarding the next boat to Budapest. So it’s lucky that the Vizsla exists to sex up the
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Black Beauty
by nick scott photography jake walters styling jo grzeszczuk Few of us get to sashay into a Savile Row atelier one day, parietal lobes awash with creative whimsy, and request a garment that will change sartorial history. But that’s what happened in 1
The Rake2 min read
From The Land Up Over
as told to nick scott From a linguistic perspective, ‘Aussie’ is a markedly Australian way of shortening the word ‘Australian’, and people tend to be astounded when they hear that the breed to which this nickname is applied is about as Australian as