While the Tern Vektron suffers at luggability, it comes into its own when it gets rolling, offering a luxurious, ‘big bike’ ride. The big volume tyres eat potholes for breakfast and it’s seriously quick, too, with 10 generous gears working in

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The Overall Winner Is…
£399, sonos.co.uk WE’RE IMPRESSED Serves up excellent sound with music and movies alike. Very compact and easy to set up. Also an excellent Amazon Echo, Google Home and/or Sonos multi-room speaker. Can be expanded into a 5.1 system, if you’re flush.
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Winter Is Coming
Slick winter roads can make your commute or daily errands a real slog, especially if your car isn’t equipped to deal with such weather conditions. You can add winterproof tyres to your car, but what if you’re looking to upgrade your entire ride? Well
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro
From £1,049 apple.com/uk The new top-end iPhone doesn’t look drastically different from last year’s, cameras aside. And that’s because it isn’t drastically different from last year’s, cameras aside. Yet lots of small changes all over mean that this i