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A Podcast Studio
Leigh is looking to share her thoughts on nature with the world – she’s hoping for a pro sound, easy recording controls and the ability to capture audio in the field. In a past life, tech writer Alex had his own podcast. Before that, he was a qualifi
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Best Bodyweight Exercises For A Full Body Workout
Bodyweight exercises use nothing more than your own bodyweight, funnily enough, making them ideal for any time when you’re travelling and don’t have access to fitness gear, but still want to work out. Before you start exercising, warm up. This could
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7 Atmos Blu-rays For The Sony And Vizio
We know this is considered a classic test of an Atmos system because they play it at every single, god-damned Atmosrelated launch event we ever go to. Still! After four bloody years! You’ll have to shell out for the 2019, 50th anniversary special edi