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Vintage Meets MODERN
If you’ve followed along with Project House this year, you’ve been witness to our dream home becoming a reality. Cottages and Bungalows and American Farmhouse Style have teamed up with Jeff Rosen of Yankee Barn Homes to build our dream house that i
Cottages and Bungalows3 min read
Cooling Trend
The cult of classy meets the cult of cool in this Franklin, Tennessee, home. Homeowners Dan and Bobbi Oswald enlisted Lauren Ashley Elder, owner of Lauren Elder Interiors and Rosemary Home, to update their home and bring it into the present day. “The
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Farm to Table
Fall is the perfect time to take your gatherings outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the autumn landscape. The golden leaves and soft light make every backdrop glow, and it’s a nice way to enjoy your outdoor spaces before it’s time to button up for cold