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Colorful World of Whimsy
“I’ve always had a thing for chairs and design,” says Chair Whimsy artist Wendy Conklin. Her work creates a bold, joyful world where color and patterns surprise us, and we are emboldened to go with what we love instead of conventional design choices.
Cottages and Bungalows1 min read
Keeping Consistent
When modernizing a home in a neighborhood that takes pride in its historic charm, how do you decide which iconic features to keep and which features need an upgrade? In the historic Portland Rose City Park neighborhood, one-story and low-rising class
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Fresh, Sophisticated Finds for Fall
1 Who doesn’t love adorable birds? Charming 10-inch-high bookends. Bird cage bookends, $28.50. Visit 2 Ready to fill with fall bounty. This bowl features a weathered beige-and-white marble finish and two aged iron handles. Zoda