History of War


When the United States began its conquest of the Philippine Islands in 1899, among the more curious spoils taken from Spain’s former colonial possession was a rocky islet with a small fort. Situated at the mouth of Manila Bay, no ship could approach the Philippine capital without falling under its gaze. At

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“A Great Leveller”
Introduced by the National Service Act of 1948, more than two million men were conscripted into the British Armed Forces between 1949-63. Although conscripts initially served for 18 months, this was increased to two years during the Korean War. Natio
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Battle Of Eylau
At 7am on 8 February 1807, the French are outnumbered but hold a shorter line of defence and a better position. Both sides are expecting reinforcement. At 10.00am, Augereau is sent forward to strike the Russian centre but the weather makes it impossi
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Armoured Tracks Of The Great Bear
From the chaos of the revolution to the political manoeuvring of the Cold War, Russian and Soviet armed forces have shaped the future not only of Russia but of countless other countries around the globe. Central to these forces have been the many var