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you do?’ I’ve found it’s better to make up something normal rather than own up to being an artist. ‘Horticulturalist’ is my personal favourite, I’ve tried ‘banker’ a couple of times too but no one ever believes me. To answer ‘I’m an artist’ leads to the even stickier question; ‘oh cool, what kind of art do you make?’ and it’s in response to this that more often than not you lose them: ‘Well if you really want

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Artist Profile5 min read
Sally M Nangala Mulda
Mulda paints her own experience – it is the medium in which she communicates her story. She has been exhibiting consistently since 2008, yet it was the suite of paintings shown in ‘The National: New Australian Art’ in 2019 which drew the attention of
Artist Profile4 min read
Davida Allen’s Feeling Sexy
It’s the twentieth anniversary of Davida Allen’s film Feeling Sexy. The last time I spoke to Allen was back in the 1990s. I came across her phone number while sorting through a mountain of paperwork and decided to call her Ipswich Queensland home to
Artist Profile5 min read
Nicole Kelly
Do you paint en plein air or do you work in the studio from sketches or photos? Plein air is a really key aspect to my practice … a way of seeing and feeling the landscape on quite an emotional level. Without that I’d have nothing to work from in the