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Jude Rae works in conversation with space and light, playing with the eye of the viewer as her works shift and coalesce between representation and abstraction. Methodical in her process, she works with a range of mediums from video to etchings to realise the composition of her impressive large scale paintings. In this variety of form and content, what remains consistent is the artist’s awareness of a painting and examining what its role is.

CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT YOUR UPBRINGING, AND how that has informed your artistic focus today?

My dad was a painter and he and my mum met at the Julian Ashton Art School. Mum was an amateur cellist and working as a life model. I went there on Saturdays when I was about 12, which was unusual, but my parents knew the Ashtons. We did not have much money but my sister and I grew up with art and music. I had to recalibrate

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