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things. Many of you must have been faced with the dilemma of how to mark a significant event. Even discussing possibilities is fraught with discomfort – how does one respond properly to the importance of the occasion? I am always astonished by the efforts.

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I was born on the day of mastery, according to the secret language of birthdays. My interpretation of this is that I spread across dance, choreography and art in a concentrated manner. I have been called a magpie from an early age. A common saying in
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Editor’s Note
It may be tempting to situate this issue of Artist Profile within a feminist framework, adding to the growing discourse surrounding gender inequality within the arts. Indeed, the trope of the male genius suffuses the canon of Western art like a lurid
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There is a growing rebellion over the silence and inactivity of our country’s powerbrokers and general populace regarding climate change. We are living in a time when this rebellion is being portrayed as an inconvenience and calls for protest to only