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There is a strong physical energy that comes through in Neil Frazer’s paintings that reflects not just their creation but also the process behind the works. Frazer is drawn to extreme landscapes – stark cliffs, crashing waves, deserts – and he likes to wholeheartedly immerse himself in these places in order for a body of work to come into being. His studio practice is equally demanding, as the artist works vigorously, building layers to create the textured, gestural paintings for which he is recognised. ARTIST PROFILE spoke to the Canberra-born, New Zealand-raised artist in his inner-Sydney studio about his travels, techniques and how his early years as an abstract painter have informed his depictions of place.

HOW DO YOU GET THE CRISP, CLEAN DIVISIONbetween the backgrounds and worked areas of your paintings?

I mask out the white areas before the painting is started – although I can still paint over the white later in the painting process if I want to alter the composition.

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