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People sometimes ask what is art, or what do artists do. Well, generally speaking, art is the concrete response of a human to the outer world and sometimes to their inner world, or perhaps an admixture of the two. When asked what an artist is, I offer up my nine descriptors: beggar, prostitute, liar, thief, nutcase, addict, wanker, parasite and minor deity.

The eight pejoratives

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Art + Social Media
Over eighty years ago, the philosopher Walter Benjamin proposed that while works of art have always, in principle, been reproducible, ‘mechanical reproduction of a work of art … represents something new’. Benjamin celebrated the potential that the te
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Simon Denny
How would you describe your practice to a stranger? I’m an artist who tries to look at the politics and the social situation that technologists design and put us in. I’m an exhibition maker who tries to bring ways of interrelating with space, imagery
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In the wee hours of 1 June 2014, the Chinese police banged on the door of Guo Jian’s studio in the Beijing suburbs. The artist wasn’t surprised to see them. It wasn’t their first visit. But the Financial Times of London had just published an intervie