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I’d been in Guatemala and picked up hepatitis from food, by the time I’d reached London I ended up in an isolation room, in Coppetts Wood Hospital. As I got better, I started drawing a series of heads, and then I became fascinated with the marks, how the most minimal mark could mean so much to the mind, and how one could read so much meaning into something so slight. I became really fascinated with that, and it led to a whole lot of work I’m still playing with, like the head images. After my recovery I went to New York and saw a massive Picasso retrospective, it was 1981 by that stage. Then I ended up in San Francisco where I saw the Guston retrospective. I was struck by Picasso’s and Guston’s freedom, invention, the play of the imagination, and the power of the imagination. Those things gave me a new spirit to operate from. I felt

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Sometimes I get asked how I make my work. I’m not so sure, but I think the past is somehow important. Not only how you lived it, but how you remember it. I grew up in Croydon Park, a nice and safe and boring suburb, a place to raise a family of kids
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