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Skills To Pay The Bills Pt. II
A close friend and fellow producer/engineer came to me recently confessing he wasn’t sure he could keep it up any more. The bands he’d been working with were not enjoyable, and he had the age-old problem of never having enough money when he needed it
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Last Word
In this issue I reviewed Rødes TF-5 small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone and made comparison recordings to share with readers. I put the TF-5 against two established favourites I’m familiar with: Neumann’s KM184 and DPA’s 4011. Between the t
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Experimental Control
“How many pieces of information does someone have to give you in order to determine the nature of a car?” Storyk asked. “0-60mlph time? Braking distance? Number of doors? Horsepower of the engine?” It turns out you need quite a few. It’s the same wit