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The fourth generation of Audio-Technica’s 3000 series true diversity UHF wireless microphone systems has a 60MHz tuning range — more than twice that offered by the previous versions — and is available in two frequency bands; DE2 (470-530MHZ) and EE1 (530-590MHz), with a 100m operating range. Frequencies can easily be scanned and selected on the receiver and then synced

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Many times when mastering I’ve needed sporadic limiting to protect against the ‘overs’ caused by intersample peaking, as shown when using a true peak meter. These overs can cause distortion when codecs are applied for streaming or MP3s, but many of t
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Last Word
In Issue 17 of AudioTechnology I wrote an article called ‘Engineer, Promote Thyself!’, discussing strategies for promoting your audio skills and services. For perspective, Issue 17 hit the streets in late 2000; that’s about two years after Google was