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d&b Soundscape

d&b’s Soundscape tackles the 3D mixing and room enhancement challenges with two optional software packages: En-Scene (for 3D object-based sound placement) and En-Space (for acoustic manipulation and enhancement). Works with

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PC Audio
People quite rightly say that you should mix with your ears and not your eyes, yet I’m still a firm believer that understanding some of the processes and limitations involved can help you extract the best from them. I’ve installed and reviewed hundre
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MAKING ‘FREE’ PAY Marcel Gnauk: Free To Use Sounds
It was less than two years ago when the name ‘Marcel Gnauk’ started popping up on numerous audio-related groups on social media, offering free sounds for people to download and use. Coming out of nowhere, he quickly became a regular; posting daily up
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Jbl Vtx Changes Minds
Earlier this year, CMI (Australian distributor for JBL Professional) invited a bunch of live sound pros to hear the brand new JBL VTX A8 line array in action. It’s an impressive PA. At the very least it changed quite a lot of people’s preconceptions.