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Martin Peralta has quickly become the ‘go-to’ audio guy for podcasts from the ABC, Gimlet Media, BBC, SBS, The Guardian and The Wheeler Centre.

It’s been a busy two years for the Sydney-based producer, as one podcast project has rolled quickly into the next. “The first podcast that really kicked it off was working with Andrew Denton on Better off Dead for The Wheeler Centre,” said Peralta. “From there I went to Gimlet and did the Science Vs project. After that, I was lucky to work on the American Apparel season of Startup, as well as do some work on Crimetown. I helped out with other shows for Gimlet, but those were the main three when I was there.”

Now working with the ABC, his list of credits has grown even longer and more diverse; from the light-hearted through to the harrowing catholic church abuse investigation . Just as the content is varied, so are the roles Peralta plays within a project; sound design, composing music, mixing, editing

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