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It’s difficult to know how to frame Milan; the latest AV-over-IP networking protocol. On the one hand, it’s technically ‘open source’. Taking on the entrenched, proprietary Dante protocol — owned and operated by a single entity, Audinate — by layering a thin veneer over the ‘open’ AVB standard. On the other hand, this isn’t a

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Audio Technology4 min read
PMC TWOTWO.6 Nearfield Monitors
Blimey! Another pair of PMC monitors decorate my monitor bridge for the second time in 12 months. As I mentioned in my review of the Result6 monitors, I don’t see new PMC nearfield models that often, they’re simply not that prolific. The company’s sw
Audio Technology6 min read
ASTON STEALTH Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone
You know you’re pushing the envelope of mic design when you have to include a separate one-page manual explaining how to adjust a switch. For a long time, mic switches have had opposing outcomes. On the one hand, you want the switch to make it obviou
Audio Technology12 min read
Inside Spectra 1964
Many times when mastering I’ve needed sporadic limiting to protect against the ‘overs’ caused by intersample peaking, as shown when using a true peak meter. These overs can cause distortion when codecs are applied for streaming or MP3s, but many of t