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SPL CRIMSON 3 Interface & Monitor Contoller

Three versions in and I can’t help but feel the SPL Crimson still looks like it belongs in a different era. It’s decidedly unfashionable. While a cockpit-like dashboard of lights and knobs was once the norm, modern interface design has thrown away much of the hands on controls and tucked it all away in the box. The Crimson stands alone in that regard. It’s big, has tons of buttons and knobs, and there’s no PC-control malarkey here. Let me introduce you to the most analogue-y digital desktop interface you’re likely to encounter.

Founded in Germany in 1983, SPL (Sound Performance Lab) is renown for high-end analogue audio processing gear — names like Transient Designer, Vitalizer, Passeq, and Phonitor may ring a bell. So when SPL makes an interface, you can expect

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