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Device Manager has been an extremely useful troubleshooting utility across all OS versions, from Windows 10 way back to Windows 95. It lets you view and stay in control of the various hardware devices attached to your PC, not only stuff that you plug into its various slots and sockets, such as drives, graphic cards, keyboards and mice, but also the host of electronic devices built into your motherboard itself, including system timers, real time clock, USB controllers and so on. It lets you check that these devices have been correctly recognised by Windows and are working properly, to update their drivers, enable or

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Audio Technology2 min read
KORG KROME EX Music Workstation
Krome is a spectacularly big seller — it’s priced right, combining a great array of sounds, with just enough control and features. The seven-inch touchscreen is an excellent focus of any programming — logical and legible. Otherwise, Krome is housed i
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TAKING THE PLUNGE Immersive Mix Techniques
Stereo has been with us for a long time. Over the decades, audio engineers have come to master a whole range of techniques in order to make all the elements of a composition fit within the limited sonic space afforded by stereo systems. We are now at
Audio Technology2 min read
NEUMANN NDH 20 Closed-Back Monitoring Headphones
Let’s get straight down to business: the Neumann NDH20 is a closed back headphone with 38mm drivers, 150Ω impedance and a stated frequency response of 5Hz–30kHz. Orange accents are splashed around the futuristic design, on the foam inside the ear cup