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attend the QBE International Festival of Speed each year keep surprising us, and they make the weekend a great spectacle for all – spectators and competitors alike. For 2018 the theme was a celebration of 30 years of the World Superbike Championship and many past WSBK riders turned up to enjoy

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Together In Electric Dreams?
LET ME MAKE my understanding plain. I understand electric motorcycles are coming. Some are already here. Some are even being raced. I understand that as far as the environment is concerned, electric motorcycles, and indeed electric vehicles, are the
Australian Motorcyclist2 min read
When you’re in a pub where a repaired door carries a memorial to the blokes who broke and then paid for it to be fixed (I wish I got to meet Rocky and Blocker!), where you’re welcomed by every person on either side of the bar, where you can actually
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Letter Of The Month
Paul has carefully thought out his top ten bikes and for this gets the prize. Send me your postal address and T-shirt size, mate. SW Stuart, you are generous giving us ten choices. Here are mine… DUCATI 1992 888 SP4 (White frame) One of the most beau