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TYRES AIN’T TYRES, or is that “oils ain’t oils”? Whatever it is, tyres are a major concern for any motorcycle rider. They help you stick to the bitumen, or get grip out in the dirt; either way that set of tyres that gives you the amount of grip, wet weather performance and longevity you are looking for is something you shouldn’t skimp on. Imagine throwing on a set of rock hard old rubber blocks shaped into a tyre? I’ll be the one taking bets to see how long you last before you crash.

What we have done here is compile all the latest and greatest tyres available on the market from those suppliers/ distributors who want you to know about their products. Think about that when spending your hard earned – these guys are giving you the info, so consider returning the favour. SW


Battlecruise H50

The Battlecruise H50 front tyre has been developed with a larger contact patch and more uniform contact pressure distribution. Claimed to require less force to handle heavy American V-twin motorcycles with easy and precise

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