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THE ‘T’ SERIES OF Bridgestone sport touring tyres has consisted of the T30, T30 Evo and now the all-new T31. We’ve tested the T30 and T30 Evo over the last couple of years and now we’ve been using the T31 – all on the same bike. There is no better way to compare tyres than on the same familiar bike and same roads.

As I

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Letter Of The Month
I reckon Tim is a worthy winner of this month’s Nelson Rigg backpack and T-shirt. The number of books I reckon The Bear will pile up for him, he’ll certainly be needing a new backpack to carry them around! Well done, mate and enjoy the read once The
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13’s Your Number
TO BE HONEST, most of the places these roads - touch on are a bit like what the Americans call Fly-Over States; they’re ride-through towns. That’s not intended as an insult; it’s just that they hold relatively few attractions of potential interest to
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HERE’S SOME FOOD for thought of our future and searching for fossil fuel replacement… I personally don’t see current electric vehicles becoming mainstream unless you can pull into a service station and recharge or replace a battery within a few minut