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THE HIGHEST ACCESSIBLE, motorable road (it is not a pass) in the world is in the Andes, marked on the map as Quebrada Ojos del Salado (Ravine of Salty Tears). Presumably the road follows the ravine and its narrow waterway.

It is in Chile, near the border with Argentina, and no – it’s not in Google’s Streetview. But sources generally agree that it reaches to 6646 metres high. The mountain’s peak is at 6893m, still a bit higher than the road, and it is the world’s highest active volcano; the nearest accommodation appears to be Refugio Tejos, a “mountain hut” at more than 5800m along the way. The base camp for climbers attempting the mountain is somewhat lower again at Refugio Atacama. Highway 31, a well-maintained gravel main road,

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