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THE BEAR GETS A few things off his (ample, ha ha) chest

Calling in an air strike with an early Cruise Missile on an idiot who sat on his backside in his car after the lights changed and made me miss the green light.

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Get the most out of your pannier and create maximum space with Touratech’s Volume Booster pannier extension. It increases the volume of your original BMW aluminium pannier by 12 litres! Simply place the Volume Booster between the pannier and the lid
Australian Motorcyclist4 min read
They’ve Won, You Know
IT’S NOT POSSIBLE for me to shake the feeling that They have won. ‘They’ being a bunch of things. Firstly, there’s the State; the faceless men who write our laws, direct the police, and socially engineer the society they can control and milk – a soci
Australian Motorcyclist2 min read
QUEENSTOWN IN New Zealand’s South Island stands out for many reasons. But there’s one in particular that means something to motorcyclists. There can be few, if any, towns or cities in the world which are surrounded by so many wonderful motorcycle roa