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White-gloved waiters line up under the crystal chandeliers of the Queen’s Room, pristine white tea pots balanced on trays. The string quartet strikes up a waltz and, as one, the tea-bearers drift across the dance floor, fanning out into

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Signature Luxury Travel & Style4 min read
Out-of-this-world Luxpeditions
The wildlife-rich subantarctic islands of Australia and New Zealand are among the many highlights of Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic’s 35-day ‘Epic Antarctica’ itinerary. The voyage will be among the first for the company’s first polar new-b
Signature Luxury Travel & Style4 min read
Belle Of The Ball
One, two, three … one, two, three … feet together, then twirl I am 30 minutes into a private waltz lesson with the debonair Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer, head of Vienna’s legendary Elmayer Dance School, founded in 1919. It seems I have two left feet as I w
Signature Luxury Travel & Style4 min read
The Other Caribbean
Think of cruising the Caribbean and the mind conjures up images of lazy days by the pool aboard giant, floating hotels and classic island visits following the well-worn paths of millions of tourists taking an effortless wander from one relaxing bar t