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first heard of Raja Ampat from a diving buddy of mine. It was one of those destinations whispered by avid scuba divers over a few cold beers, its mention so often followed by a moment of silent wonder and reflection. You fly to Jakarta, so the story went, and then travel the length of the world’s largest archipelago, leaving civilisation behind as you reach the island of Papua, a wild place of isolated tribes, headhunting and

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Signature Luxury Travel & Style4 min read
Grounds Rules
It’s Christmas Eve, and while many Sydney bars and restaurants are empty, at The Grounds of Alexandria it’s standing room only. For most of December, the sprawling establishment becomes a festive wonderland; think winter markets in Europe, only minus
Signature Luxury Travel & Style3 min read
The Coolest Flight Ever
It’s something of minor miracle, really. I’m at the bottom of the planet, but feel on top of the world. I’m seated in the cosy comfort of a jumbo jet, yet way down below is a seemingly endless sea of ice. And I’m feeling just a little smug, because I
Signature Luxury Travel & Style2 min read
Hayman Reimagined
Australia’s iconic private island resort, Hayman Island by InterContinental, has ushered in a new era of luxury with its highly anticipated reopening, leaving no grain of sand unturned in its pursuit of excellence under the expert guidance of InterCo