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n 1998, a huge new personality lobbed on the 500cc stage in the form of big-talking and flashy 250cc star Max Biaggi. The Italian was dead-set on etching his name in the history books as one of the all-time

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The Dog On The Bike Retires
The famous fundraising duo, Tex and Bundy, are coming to the end of their motorcycling days together, with Bundy retiring from motorcycle riding after more than 10 years on the bike and raising over six million dollars for charity. The good news is T
Australian Road Rider1 min read
V4 Engine
It’s worth quickly looking at why V4s work so well in this application. They are more expensive to produce and a bit trickier to service than an inline four, but you get a compact, narrow motor. The crankshaft is short, which minimises flex, meaning
Australian Road Rider3 min read
Cold Stories
After I had a lean few months of not riding anything, the heavens open to deliver a pair of uber-desirable test bikes! First a famine, then a flood. Shame about the weather. The older I get, the more intolerant I am of a lot of things. Rain and the c