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Gilly’s Waxes are made using a blend of beeswax, soy wax and carnauba wax flakes. Food Safe Wax is ideal for chopping boards, utensils and children’s toys and furniture.

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Building A Dream
Good seasons. Bad droughts. Farm accidents. Good succession planning. Bad inheritances. Community as solid as bush baking. Small towns riddled with gossip. In her time as a rural journalist, Maya Linnell has seen and reported on the impact of them al
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Seeking Simplicity
The tranquillity of a leisurely lunch on the verandah with media academic Rachael Wallis and her journalist husband, Bruce Woolley, is broken by the sound of a siren. It soon morphs into a fire truck that races up the dirt road beside our hosts’ prop
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From The Ground Up
From a disaster igniting entrepreneurial inspiration to breathing new life into family heirlooms, there’s a lot of passion, creativity and talent within the four walls of Lisa Rickert’s beautiful abode. As the CEO and creative director of the family-