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A Labour Of Love
Renovating an 1890s home in the NSW New England city of Armidale has been a true test of determination for retired pharmacist David Hodgson and his wife, June. As David wryly observes, they have been working on it for the better part of 20 years, so
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Store Strolling
Made from 100 per cent Merino wool, the Holly dress in dandelion yellow will keep you cool as the weather heats up. It’s proudly Australian designed and made and available in a variety of colours. This beautiful scarf has a colourf
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Glenowie Grandeur
Standing around their kitchen bench, Angus and Brooke Stockman playfully bicker about the number of pets the family has and whether their four children may renovate the family homestead in the future. They bounce off each other with laughter and fini