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Getting to know … RENEÉ THERESE ETTIA

I live in a pretty little historic town called Camden, in NSW. Although, Hubby and I have only been here for a few years, we’ve never felt more at home. I don’t think we could live anywhere else in the whole world. My workspace is a little on the spectrum of ‘organised/disorganised/chaos’ … meaning that I tend to spread out across the entire house. In my defence, you cannot contain creativity, right? I go wherever my creative juices are most likely to

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Australian Homespun7 min read
Bonnie Baby Quilt
• 48 squares, 5in of assorted print fabrics (hexagons) • 15cm ( 1/4yd) each of three tone-on-tone print fabrics (diamonds) – Marilyn used turquoise, red and yellow • 45cm ( 1/2yd) multi-coloured striped fabric (border) • 30cm ( 3/8yd) pink spot print
Australian Homespun3 min read
Getting to know … LESLEY MCCONNELL
Please describe where you live and your workspace. Shorncliffe is a pretty bayside suburb of Brisbane – a bit of a backwater in that it hasn’t caught up with the coming of age of our growing city. It’s one of the region’s special places, languishing
Australian Homespun2 min read
This reference is a completely revised full-colour edition of Thomas's 1934 classic, Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches. This comprehensive dictionary offers more than 400 stitches, including 100 new stitches, all described and pictured in full-colour