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Getting to know … CHLOE REDFERN
Where do you live and work? I live in the suburbs of Birmingham, England, and work from home from a small workspace in my bedroom (though I confess I often find myself in the living room stitching in front of the television!) It is only a very small
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This reference is a completely revised full-colour edition of Thomas's 1934 classic, Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches. This comprehensive dictionary offers more than 400 stitches, including 100 new stitches, all described and pictured in full-colour
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Getting to know … LESLEY MCCONNELL
Please describe where you live and your workspace. Shorncliffe is a pretty bayside suburb of Brisbane – a bit of a backwater in that it hasn’t caught up with the coming of age of our growing city. It’s one of the region’s special places, languishing