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Love to Stitch PROJECT TOTE
Whether on holiday, on retreat or just enjoying a stitching day with your friends, this tote is perfect for all your necessities. The front features a sewing-themed stitchery design and the tote opens up to reveal a roomy pocket for storing patterns
Australian Homespun7 min read
Bonnie Baby Quilt
• 48 squares, 5in of assorted print fabrics (hexagons) • 15cm ( 1/4yd) each of three tone-on-tone print fabrics (diamonds) – Marilyn used turquoise, red and yellow • 45cm ( 1/2yd) multi-coloured striped fabric (border) • 30cm ( 3/8yd) pink spot print
Australian Homespun5 min read
Hand Embroidery Workshop
Stranded thread is the thread most often used for doing embroidery work. It is widely referred to as embroidery floss – ‘floss’ is simply thread that is divisible. Embroidery floss has six strands of thread. The number of threads you need is dependen