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Take a step inside Megan Griffiths’ creative studio, where “more is definitely more”. The space is filled with collections of evocative and tactile objects – nature and children’s books; jars with buttons and feathers; Indian textiles; and miniature objects. She says she likes to be surrounded by lots of curiosities. But the beauty is that she’s not short of open

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Australian Homespun6 min read
Flower Babies
• 30cm (12in) squares of wool felt in flesh colour (2), yellow, orange, bright pink, medium pink and dark green • 10cm (4in) square of wool felt in lime green • Scraps of wool felt in bright orange and brown • Stranded embroidery cotton in white, lig
Australian Homespun11 min read
Cheryl Filby – Instagram: @cherylfilby, Email: • 1.8m (2yd) blue tone-on-tone print fabric (Borders 1, 3, 7 and 9, and binding) • 1.45m (1 5/8yd) blue and white small-scale print fabric (Borders 4–6) • 1.3m (1 3/8yd) blue and white m
Australian Homespun3 min read
Pomegranates AND POPPIES
• 35 x 45cm (14 x 18in) plain linen (base fabric) • 30 x 40cm (12 x 18in) textured fabric (base for scrap fabrics) • Assortment of lace strips • Small scraps of hessian • 60 x 100cm (25 x 40in) printed upholstery fabric (cushion front and back) • S