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Healthy Fourth Meals

Herb & Goat’s Cheese Omelette

Recipe / Danielle Minnebo

An omelette is an ideal fourth meal as it’s high in protein, can be packed with some vegies and is quick to prepare.

Serves: 1

2 eggs
2 tbsp almond milk
40g goat cheese, crumbled
¼ cup fresh herbs such as flat-leaf parsley & thyme
Pinch sea salt
1 tbsp olive oil
1 piece gluten-free toast
1 tsp butter (optional)

Add eggs, almond milk, goat cheese, fresh herbs and sea salt to bowl and beat until combined.

Heat olive oil in frypan over medium heat and pour in egg mixture. Allow to cook for 20 secs, then, using spatula, scrape egg mixture from side of pan to centre and let runny egg mixture run into that space. Continue process around pan; cooked egg will bunch in centre with layers of air in between. After you’ve done this for 1 min, most of egg will be cooked. Flip egg mixture in half so you have a rustic-sized omelette.

Remove from heat and serve straight away with toast and butter.

To add some protein to this soup, serve it with a poached egg.

Tomato Soup

Recipe / Danielle Minnebo

Soup makes the perfect fourth course. It’s a

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