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Drinking apples

In bars and at parties around the country, the cider revival is alive and kicking. So much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking that alcoholic cider is relatively new to our drinks menu. It might surprise you to know that when the Romans arrived in England in 55 BCE, the locals had already mastered the craft of making cider from apples. And remember Johnny Appleseed? Well, the orchards he sowed across the United States were originally grown for cider, not

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Good Organic Gardening2 min read
The Need To Feed
The coming of spring signals the main growing season for many plants and climates. To get your plants going as vigorously as possible, feeding at the right time and in the right balance is the secret to success. (Along with adequate water, suitable l
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Moon Planting
Spring is the season everyone loves, gardeners and non-gardeners alike. It seems like the whole world is coming to life with new growth and profusions of flowers. It’s high spring and everything is growing its socks off. Regular feeding, consistent w
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It’s All Stalk
Celery is synonymous with diets and healthy eating, though it’s said to be a negative-calorie food because it takes more energy to chew and digest than it contains. Growing celery in your own garden will require time (it’s a relatively slowgrowing pl