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Cymbidium Symphony
Cymbidiums are among the most popular orchids, ideal for the beginner orchidist and usually grown in large pots positioned outdoors. They have light green strappy leaves but come into their own in winter and early spring when they produce robust stem
Good Organic Gardening3 min read
The First Fruit
Maybe it’s because they’re one of the first stone fruits of the season or maybe it’s because the tree-ripened fruit is so deliciously good. Either way, garden-grown apricots are always at the top of my list of summer stone fruits. Fresh apricots don’
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Things To Do In September
One of the most delicious crops to harvest in early spring is asparagus. Look for fresh spears daily and harvest them quickly as the spears soon mature into woody and inedible stems. If you haven’t any asparagus growing, don’t despair. Look for pots