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Rose growers in the know swear by banana skins: just dig some in around the roots of your roses and watch them thrive. Banana peel is packed with goodies missing from many soils — phosphates, calcium, sulphur and magnesium — and your blooms will thank you. Another traditional gardening trick is to bury a wedge of lard under the roots of new roses, though cooking fat might be in short supply in

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Forbidden Fruit
Figs have a double harvest as they produce two crops a year. The main crop forms in summer and ripens in autumn. The second crop, known as the breba, grows in spring and ripens in summer. While two crops are a bonus, it is that delicious flavour that
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The Sweet Cereal
Sweet corn, otherwise known as maize, is a delicious, juicy treat, especially with kids. Steamed and coated with butter, it’s the perfect complement to a barbecue while just about everyone, it seems, loves popcorn. Of course it’s also wonderful in ch
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Space Invader
Gorse is an invasive weed that has spread its prickly green branches and yellow flowers in dense swathes across pasture, through bush and woodland and into mountain areas. Native to Europe, it is now found in all but the hottest and driest parts of s