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A tree for all seasons

Even though pears are one of the longest-enjoyed fruits, they can tend to divide people. Some people object to their grainy texture, though they often enjoy it more when the fruit is cooked, while others love them raw or cooked. Apparently, Shakespeare was not fond of them, describing them as “absurd” and “unpleasant”, while Louis XIV, the French “Sun King”, delighted in them.

The long-lived trees themselves, whether ornamental or fruiting, are beautiful, too, with their seasonal changes: gorgeous white blossom in spring, flashy autumn foliage and of course the softfleshed

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This Issue
For me, one of the best things about summer is the insects. It’s also the worst thing. I dearly love the butterflies, dragonflies, hoverflies, damselflies and bees on our patch of planet Earth — like that beautiful creature opposite, which fluttered