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Market Value
Kinsfolk Farm, in Moriac, west of Geelong, is part of an exciting new wave in Australian farming: a diversified, small-scale market garden growing 30 to 40 varieties of seasonal vegetables and herbs. Tom Gaunt and Bridie Cotter sell their organic pro
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Suburban Eden
Until 1950, the suburb of Ashwood was a patchwork of market gardens, orchards and poultry farms at the far southeast edge of Melbourne’s creeping urbanisation. Even today, its suburban blocks are large and, at 1000m2, Leanne Mason’s is bigger than mo
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Things To Do In june
Liquid-feed leafy winter crops already growing such as silver beet, spinach, coriander and rocket. Boost with liquid organic fertiliser every 7–10 days. Buy and plant asparagus, artichoke and rhubarb crowns now while deciduous stock is available. The