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You may have heard of the term “buildability” but aren’t actually sure what it means. So what exactly is buildability? It is the degree to which the design of planned building facilitates its construction and utilisation. Does that sound complicated? For a building’s designer, it makes sense. For a building’s design to be good, all elements of construction have been considered, simplifying the process, and the finished product will be a building that can be used to its utmost potential for the

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Grand Designs Australia2 min read
A Whole New Angle
When a couple in their 30s with a one-year-old daughter purchased a small 1970s brick veneer home on stumps, they felt there was only one choice: knock-down and rebuild. The duo wanted a home with the luxury and feel of a resort-style five-star Dubai
Grand Designs Australia4 min read
Aussie designers DOING US PROUD
an impressive seven Australian entrants were among the 30 finalists of the bi-annual Sub-Zero Wolf Kitchen Design Contest (for 2017–2018). The global competition, which recognises kitchen designers, architects, interior designers, builders and re-mod
Grand Designs Australia2 min read
Tracy Young
the construction industry can be a hard game. Deadlines passing and extending, miscommunication between teams and overreaching budgets are just a few of the difficulties that companies face when creating the infrastructure of our cities and homes. No