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Morgan Shimeld

if an artist said to you they didn’t love what they did, I imagine you’d be quite surprised. After all, the very heart and soul of being an artist is the sheer joy of experimentation and creation. Success is

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Grand Designs Australia3 min read
Ask our Architect
Q We’ve just watched the Elsternwick house episode of Grand Designs Australia, which featured a car stacker in the front driveway. We have a small terrace house in Melbourne with limited area. Is a stacker a workable solution for car storage, and is
Grand Designs Australia1 min read
From the Editor
design inspiration can come from literally anywhere — the streets, the homes of loved ones, the houses of the rich and famous, forests and mountains… I could go on. But sometimes inspiration can be found in the most obvious place. A design fair, for
Grand Designs Australia3 min read
The Mother Of Invention
When Craig and Barbara Chalk embarked on their project — with no architect or builder enlisted to help them — it’s fair to say they rather underestimated the challenge they faced. Moving out of their “hodge podge” property in Easter 2015, little did