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Colour Guide

What colours are the easiest to start with and which ones work well together?

A neutral colour scheme lays the foundation for any interior style, allowing you to build on colour carefully by adding bolder colours through accessories and art. “Often neutrals are the key; when you

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Ask our Architect
Q We’ve just watched the Elsternwick house episode of Grand Designs Australia, which featured a car stacker in the front driveway. We have a small terrace house in Melbourne with limited area. Is a stacker a workable solution for car storage, and is
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From the Editor
design inspiration can come from literally anywhere — the streets, the homes of loved ones, the houses of the rich and famous, forests and mountains… I could go on. But sometimes inspiration can be found in the most obvious place. A design fair, for
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The greening REVOLUTION
we are now living in the age of the concrete jungle. With its strength, durability and low cost, reinforced concrete brought about this revolution in architecture, in turn allowing the construction of much taller buildings. In today’s society, howeve