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From Peter Maddison
Winter’s been and gone (especially if you were a Game of Thrones fan) and housing is back on the agenda once more. So, what makes a meaningful house? Here’s my special recipe for finding the Holy Grail. If this sentiment is primal, the effort to find
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Bringing Beauty To The Surface
ARCHITECTS/DESIGNERS: Craig Rosevear + JAWS INTERIOR DESIGNER: Bury Kirkland Ferry PHOTOGRAPHY: Adam Gibson STYLING: Lucy Given, LUC Design Perched on the side of a hill in the seaside town of Lewisham, a 40-minute drive from Hobart, a new tiny h
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Mission Impossible
arches, stucco render and timber shutters spring to mind when you think of Spanish Mission architecture. It’s unlikely you’d imagine modern, sophisticated interiors where art takes centre stage, but that is the scenario we’re faced with when viewing