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Q Hi Peter, there is a lot of discussion around sustainability. Could you please tell me what a responsible citizen needs in a home and what is just “greenwash”?

A At its core, a sustainable house is about preserving the precious and fragile environment that makes up our planet. In a perfect world, we would

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Mod Pod
if the Jetsons shacked up with the Flintstones and moved their house to Bedrock, this is what it would look like. Well, sort of. Tweed Terrace House isn’t in Bedrock, but the Coolangatta residence does rest on a bed of rocks. “The Rockcote render and
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Book Club
White walls, white space and now white houses. A white home stands out in a crowd, a stark contrast to rolling green hills or brick suburbia. Timeless in style, they showcase a modernist idealism and mesmerising interplay of light and shadows. White
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Luxury Finishes A Top Priority For Home Buyers Looking For A Forever Home
Upsizers and experienced property buyers are prioritising luxury upgrades and finishes when searching for a home they can live and grow in. It’s a trend that one of Australia’s largest residential builders, Privium Homes, is capitalising on with more