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Lara Scolari works from her Balmain studio and gallery where she produces abstract artworks that have a beautiful energy, movement and natural appeal to them. Each artwork features layers upon layers of different materials that fold into each other, interact and come to create natural and organic formations. Lara is inspired by the process each artwork undertakes throughout its development, with each taking up to six weeks to dry. The time and progress encourages reflection, which in turn carves Lara’s

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The Latest
Leading Australian furniture and design brand Coco Republic has announced it’s opening its first New Zealand boutique in mid-2019 at Westfield Newmarket in Auckland. The 1000sqm Coco Republic Auckland boutique, which will also house L’Americano Espre
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Adam Drexler
When asked to describe his style, Adam Drexler sums it up in one word: eclectic. “To elaborate in a few words, I’d say quirky, unpredictable, premium, accessible and entertaining,” he says. And that, in a nutshell, encapsulates the Matt Blatt brand,
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Wild About Winter
Did you know the lowest recorded temperature ever was-133.6 degrees at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Antarctica? While it doesn’t reach anywhere near those incredible lows here (our record was-25 degrees in the Snowy Mountains), plenty of